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Send your video of the “Paprika” dance

Application for “Let’s DANCE Together!” accepted!
Send your video of the “Paprika” dance and aspire for telecasting!

Step 1

If you are a minor in your country of residence, please ask your parent or legal guardian for permission to send the video, and get their consent.

Step 2

Learn the steps by watching the “Let’s dance Paprika”.

“Let’s dance Paprika”

Step 3

While playing the “Paprika” Dance Music Video (English), record your dance for 45 seconds with a smartphone or video camera.

Dance Music Sample Video(English)
  • When filming with a smartphone, hold the screen sideways.
  • Wear clothes in solid colors or without pictures or letters as much as possible.
    Please avoid in particular clothes bearing characters or company logos.
    Also, please make sure that characters or company logos do not appear in the background.
  • Your dance video might look even more attractive, if you could somehow add to it a ‘flavor’ of your country or culture. For example, you could dance wearing a national costume, or choose a location that looks typical of your country.
  • Please limit your dance to the part shown in the sample video.
  • Due to copyright reasons, the sound source cannot be downloaded from the NHK website.
    When dancing, play the sample video with the music on and dance along!
    (If you film while sticking to these rules, you have a higher chance of having your video shown on the website or on air!)
  • Since the scene will be enlarged when it is telecast, please film in high image quality as much as possible!
  • Please film in a size with room above and below, right and left since the scene will be framed!
    When Filming
    if you film in a size like this…
    On Air
    it will look like this when it goes on air with the frame!

Please read the FAQs before you click “To the Application Form”!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Step 4

Apply through the form to post the video!

Step 5

The “Paprika” project staff members will select the videos.

Step 6

The chosen videos will appear in “Let’s DANCE Together! Paprika Selection.”

  • The submitted videos cannot be returned. We kindly ask for your understanding for cases where we may leave out your names when introducing the videos.
  • We will not notify you of the result or reason for the selection.
  • The video may be broadcast on television.